Pretty Life Picture

Ice cold; Black heart.

Words I’ve heard before.

Using sarcasm to hide,

How I really feel,

Or so you tell me.


Of course you know me,

Better than I know myself.

Typical boy thinking he owns the world,

Because society told you

That one day you could.


You judge before you know,

And yet you talk of harmony,

As if it’s your life motto.

I guess I just don’t fit,

Into your pretty-life picture.


Because how could someone hurt?

Or turn cynical in this world?

When you are the only one,

Allowed to have a bad day,

Everyone else must smile!


I can feel myself slipping
Wth nothing to do
And nothing to focus on
All the bad things come back

Once I start working again,
It will all be ok, won’t it?
I just need something to do
A project to keep my mind busy

It’s so easy to fall
When all you’re doing is killing time
Between different projects
A lull in your life

With no physical activity
Or mental exercise to speak of
My mind races with all the mistakes
Or regrets I should have

But the fact is, I am happy
Even though things seem blank right now
And my mind is preparing for a war
I know I won’t slip and fall this time
Because I fought and won before.

Moving On

I may be weird,
But I own it.
You may not like me,
But I don’t care,
Because I don’t hate you anymore
And you can’t make me either.
It’s always been my choice,
And at first I let you get to me.
But this will stop right now,
Because I’m better than that.
You are the poison,
That I am getting rid of.
You made me into,
Someone I didn’t want to be.
I can’t blame you for all of it,
I’m not completely innocent.
But I’m moving on now,
And you’re still stuck behind me.

Like Clockwork


There’s no-one else around,

The room is silent.

So I sit here passing the time,

Whiling away the hours,

Always watching the clock.

Playing little games,

Reading other’s stories,

Amending their words,

Pushing the hands forward.


Why is it that we always have to move so fast?

Waiting for the day to end,

Trying to out-run the clock,

Get to the next big adventure.


We don’t enjoy our time here,

We constantly wish for it to pass,

And yet when we have no more left,

Won’t we miss what we had?