Who You Are

You may have walked away
One day in late March
But you will never again be free

The stories will follow you forever,
Messages from a fateful night
Echoing through time.

You got the answer you wanted
With your well-calculated stories
But you also got a movement

Of angry women and girls
Tired of being constantly ignored,
Belittled and used by sh*t like you.



Fight back

Because it happens too often

To way too many people.


Everyone knows someone

Who has been through this,

Even if they haven’t told you yet.


Speak up,

If you can,

To prevent this happening to others.


We take it for granted,

That men will touch us,

Or say that inappropriate comment,

Now is the time to say no,

And have them really hear it

This is not normal

And it’s not okay.


Get a hold of yourself,

To the men who act like this is their right,

You don’t own me.


Now is the time to revolt,

Ladies, gents and allies alike,

Let’s stop this.


Much more than a simple hashtag,

It is giving a voice to people everywhere,

Who have suffered in silence for too long.

Two Blue Lines

It’s the scariest test you’ll ever take,
And the one you don’t want to pass,
Because that will be a life-changer,
And you will never be alone again.

In this country you don’t have options,
You have to be all in,
Anything else is against the law,
And your family will hate you.

Your body has been taken over,
It’s no longer just yours to have,
Suddenly everyone gets an opinion,
But no-one wants to hear yours.

You’ll start to feel sick at the sight of food,
And moving too much will be painful,
But don’t complain about this beautiful miracle,
This is what you were meant to do.

So forget all those plans you had,
Everything disappears as you stare at those lines,
Bright blue ones that could change everything,
But only if you tell someone.

Born For What?

I was born to be something other than this,
I was born the warrior in the mist,
The girl always fighting,
But with a smile on her face.

I was not born to sit still and break no rules,
I was not born to simply fit in,
I have been different right from the start,
An outcast with a mission.

I was born with a voice and strength,
That you shall not ignore,
I will not fit in your constricting box,
For I am not meant for it.


This world is a battlefield
And every day is a new war.
I fight just to be heard,
To be allowed my opinion.
It’s a man’s world,
And I rage like those before me.
This war will never end,
As long as people breathe.
You will always feel that need
To prove you’re better than me.
And I will always be here
To prove you wrong.

We are meant to be equals,
But you enjoy making me feel small.


I know where I’ve been,
And what I’ve come through.
I also know I deserve better than you,
We all did.

So now I hope you remember,
All those words I said,
I tried to show you what you’ve done,
For all of us.

You can play dumb if you want,
Pretend you didn’t know the lies you told.
You broke my trust, but not my heart,
You never had it.

I know what I said to you in anger,
And you’re just another fly on my windshield,
You better learn the lessons I tried to teach you,
For the sake of all those you’ve hurt.

I know I don’t owe you anything,
But thankfully you admitted you were wrong,
So I can move on knowing,
I tried to help those who will be next.