It feels like I’m starting over again
But I’m not.
I sit here in the same place I was
Five years ago.
Everything has changed since then
Especially me.
And yet here I am,
Back where I started.
Sometimes you have to go back
To know where you’ve been.
And maybe there’s a lesson to learn
That I ignored before.
Or maybe I’m just here
As a pause moment in my life.
To regroup today
So I can do better tomorrow.


I’m gone,
To the other side of the world.
I finally did it,
Packed a bag and left.

Left behind friends and family,
The job I was stuck in,
And the job going nowhere,
Now I’m free.

Free to go where I will.
Do what I want
And make new friends
And yet here I am again

Again feeling a little out of place,
Looking for another thankless job,
As a way of something to do,
Stuck and not wanting to be bored.

Bored leads to dark thoughts,
And feeling useless all over again.
I need to do something productive.
To do something meaningful.