Be Nothing

“The only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.” (Aristotle)

I was nothing,
Nothing and no-one
A zombie running through the motions of life,
Just to avoid a hard word or look,
Dodging the ‘dropped’ book or slammed door,
I became nothing
So you wouldn’t hurt me anymore,
If I say nothing,
You will have nothing to critique,

Being nothing hurt me worse than you ever could
Because it seeped through my skin
Until I believed it was true
I really was nothing and no-one
And you attacked me anyway
You always found a way
To leave me with new scars
And now I have to battle myself
To remember I’m more than nothing.

Meek as a mouse,
I shrank into the shadows
Became a ghost of myself
Believing I could escape you
Blaming myself for the words you said
Maybe I really was the problem
If I’m less me, you’ll go away
But that didn’t happen.

I almost faded completely,
Trying to fit into your box
And dilute my own personality,
I became nothing
And was told I would always be nothing
But that’s not true
The moment I gave myself a chance
Was the moment I became more than nothing
A hell of a lot more than you could ever imagine.


I can feel myself slipping
Wth nothing to do
And nothing to focus on
All the bad things come back

Once I start working again,
It will all be ok, won’t it?
I just need something to do
A project to keep my mind busy

It’s so easy to fall
When all you’re doing is killing time
Between different projects
A lull in your life

With no physical activity
Or mental exercise to speak of
My mind races with all the mistakes
Or regrets I should have

But the fact is, I am happy
Even though things seem blank right now
And my mind is preparing for a war
I know I won’t slip and fall this time
Because I fought and won before.

Techno Silence

You’ve grown quiet,
A technological silence.
Did I say something wrong?
Too friendly, or not enough,
I never get the in-between.

Don’t know how I manage it,
But I always create a mess.
Better off on my own,
With only my own words to hurt me.
I didn’t mean to wound you.

Box myself in,
Push everyone away.
To be understood it seems,
Is not something I’ll ever achieve,
But it’s going to be ok.



There’s a storm in the air,
And we’re stuck in this place.
You hide in your corner,
And I’ll walk in the rain.

Feel the drops on my skin,
The muggy air clinging to my t-shirt.
Lighting flashing before me,
I feel alive.

Watch the energy in the sky,
Hit the earth in bolts.
You shrink away from it,
The wonders of our world.

Some people learn to embrace it,
Learn from every storm.
While others try to run and hide,
But the storm will get you in the end.

It will seep through your skin,
Into your very bones.
The thunder will be your heartbeat,
Lighting showing you the way through.

Walk through this storm with me,
Take my hand.
You will be stronger at the end,
Take life from the storm.

It is only in the fiercest of storms,
That the brightest lights can shine.

Those Days

Those days when,

You don’t want to get out of bed,

Or have to get dressed

You don’t want to talk to anyone,

Or even see people.

You don’t want to have to work

Or wash your face.

You don’t want the hassle of daylight,

Or having to travel on the bus.

You don’t want to have to sit in class,

And listen to things you’ll never learn.


We all have those days.


Those are the days that you learn the most,

About what exactly is it to be you.

Those are the days that make you stronger,

Believe you can survive all things.

Those are the days you battle through,

Proving what a fighter you are.

Those are the days no-one knows about,

But sometimes when you shine your brightest.


Those are the days that make you, you.