Wash Away The Sin

I’m the sin you can’t wash away,
No amount of holy water will help,
And every time I think of it,
I choke inside.


You want to be the saved Christian,
Born again as a renewed believer,
But then you look at your family,
And there I stand.


We’ve all made mistakes,
Those things we’re not proud of,
Would you go back and change it?
Try and erase it, if you could?


Now you see history repeat itself,
I’ve left that life behind me,
Just like you did back then,
Will I turn out like you?


There’s more of you in me,
Than you would really want to admit,
The more rebellious side,
You’re trying so hard to hide.


No matter how hard you pray for forgiveness,
Or the number of good acts you do,
They will never make up for this mistake,
I am the one you will never forget.