Inside My Head

This is a poem I wrote when I was around 14 or 15 years old. I have edited it a little here, but I wanted to keep it as close to the original as I could.

Inside my head,
There’s a perfect world
A world I created,
The world I love.
It’s better than the one I actually live in,
I wish I could live inside my imagination.
Instead of in this,
Most horrible of worlds.
Inside my head,
Anything can happen,
Good or bad,
Nice or not.
But you see, it’s all mine,
You can’t ruin it.
Because you will never find it,
It’s inside my head
And that’s where it will stay.


I can feel myself slipping
Wth nothing to do
And nothing to focus on
All the bad things come back

Once I start working again,
It will all be ok, won’t it?
I just need something to do
A project to keep my mind busy

It’s so easy to fall
When all you’re doing is killing time
Between different projects
A lull in your life

With no physical activity
Or mental exercise to speak of
My mind races with all the mistakes
Or regrets I should have

But the fact is, I am happy
Even though things seem blank right now
And my mind is preparing for a war
I know I won’t slip and fall this time
Because I fought and won before.


Learning to love,
Not just others but myself.
I always care,
Too little for my own heart.
Learning not to be so bitter,
Against my own short comings.
And appreciate what I can do and
Let others see it.
Learning not to doubt,
In my own strength,
Because after all I made it,
This far by myself.

I will always be learning.
But today I’m learning about me,
I am strong,
I am smart,
And I can be beautiful.
I’m learning to be everything I am,
Powerful and colourful,
Not hiding away in the shadows,
Today was a good day.

Sore Wrist

Small girl,

Defenceless you think,

Grab hold

She can’t fight back

You get what you want

She likes it really.


Tell yourself lies

Convince yourself it’s ok

I push you away

Tougher than you thought

But I’m left with the shame

And a sore wrist


You act like it’s nothing

I should expect this

Small girl

Likes to party

Clearly I’m asking for this

And you can’t control yourself.

Born For What?

I was born to be something other than this,
I was born the warrior in the mist,
The girl always fighting,
But with a smile on her face.

I was not born to sit still and break no rules,
I was not born to simply fit in,
I have been different right from the start,
An outcast with a mission.

I was born with a voice and strength,
That you shall not ignore,
I will not fit in your constricting box,
For I am not meant for it.


This world is a battlefield
And every day is a new war.
I fight just to be heard,
To be allowed my opinion.
It’s a man’s world,
And I rage like those before me.
This war will never end,
As long as people breathe.
You will always feel that need
To prove you’re better than me.
And I will always be here
To prove you wrong.

We are meant to be equals,
But you enjoy making me feel small.

Move Tornado!

How do you move on from this?
You were supposed to leave,
And never come back,
Yet here you linger still,
What is it you want from me?

I told you how I felt,
You broke my trust,
But not my heart,
It was never yours.
You think you can still win?

You are like a tornado,
Running around causing pain,
Only to blow away again,
Leaving destruction behind you.
That was your plan.

Two weeks until the day,
I no longer have to see you.
You’ll finally move across the sea,
I will never visit you,
And it will be over at last.