Inside My Head

This is a poem I wrote when I was around 14 or 15 years old. I have edited it a little here, but I wanted to keep it as close to the original as I could.

Inside my head,
There’s a perfect world
A world I created,
The world I love.
It’s better than the one I actually live in,
I wish I could live inside my imagination.
Instead of in this,
Most horrible of worlds.
Inside my head,
Anything can happen,
Good or bad,
Nice or not.
But you see, it’s all mine,
You can’t ruin it.
Because you will never find it,
It’s inside my head
And that’s where it will stay.

Sink Into A World of Music

Sink into a world of music

It’s safe, it’s noisy, it blocks out the world

The louder the better, the less you will hear

When the songs’ pounds become your heartbeat

Nothing can touch you

Because you have locked them out

You are inside your head, with music blaring

People ignoring you, aren’t there anymore.

The music swells within your brain

Your life becomes the song

With its highs, and lows, it’s a rollercoaster ride

Sing along; let them know they can’t hurt you!

Block them out with noise

They’ve blocked you out with coldness.


Music sings to the soul

It can fill your every limb

Nothing can go wrong.

There’s the beat of the drum, the beat of your heart

The vocals become the words you wish you could say

It’s a sound-filled world

Which is empty of human negativity

Lose yourself, in what they say

And find a new you in the song

For a while.