When you’re standing on the shore,
Looking out at the sea.

When you’re sitting in a room,
Surrounded by your friends.

When you’re smiling on the outside,
And on the inside, you’re shining.

When you laugh so hard,
You could cry.

When you look out at the world,
And see all the beauty.

It’s when you are at peace on the inside,
That you can see the beauty all around.

What Would it be Like?

What would it be like, I wonder,
To be someone without worry?
To never have that sinking feeling,
To not know what it feels like to lose a dream?

Today I’m in a positive mood,
But I know the dark times will come.
And so I often wonder,
What do you people do?

Those who don’t have that dark hole,
Hidden away inside your heart.
Those who are always able to see the light,
And are not left blind in the tunnel.

If I could be one of you,
For just one day, I would.
Just to see what it would be like,
To not hear those hated voices.