Stopped Listening

It started in high school,

Things got bad

And I was in pain.

You didn’t want to admit it

So you stopped listening.

You became absorbed in yourself

To distract from my pain

And now you don’t know how to listen

And I don’t know how to talk to you.


Now all you do is talk

About the only topic you have: you.

And no-one else is listening

Because we’ve heard it all before.

You are scared of the silence

It tells you the horrible truth.

You don’t know us anymore,

And things aren’t right between us.

Because you weren’t listening when I needed you to.

Meeting Again

Facing you now

Isn’t like seeing an old friend

I realise now

With a sinking feeling

That I don’t miss you anymore.


Once you tore me apart

I was crushed

That you could ignore me so

But not anymore

Not today


Seeing you now

We talk about people in common

As if that’s all we ever had

No common interests

No past history


I look at you differently

Can’t believe I ever felt so bad

Like I wasn’t good enough

When in reality

You would never be enough for me.

Pretty Life Picture

Ice cold; Black heart.

Words I’ve heard before.

Using sarcasm to hide,

How I really feel,

Or so you tell me.


Of course you know me,

Better than I know myself.

Typical boy thinking he owns the world,

Because society told you

That one day you could.


You judge before you know,

And yet you talk of harmony,

As if it’s your life motto.

I guess I just don’t fit,

Into your pretty-life picture.


Because how could someone hurt?

Or turn cynical in this world?

When you are the only one,

Allowed to have a bad day,

Everyone else must smile!