And so it opens once more
That ever-dark chasm
Stitched so neatly together
A wound that never fully heals
Stitched and re-stitched countless times
It will never disappear
Swallowing the light in me
I sink down that spiral
Lying on the floor
Pleading for it all to go away
I don’t want to feel like this.

It was meant to be a happy day
With celebrations all around
But I can’t even fake a smile
And there’s no-one here to see,
Me try and keep it together
So I fall on my own
With the cheers drowning out my tears.

Who You Are

You may have walked away
One day in late March
But you will never again be free

The stories will follow you forever,
Messages from a fateful night
Echoing through time.

You got the answer you wanted
With your well-calculated stories
But you also got a movement

Of angry women and girls
Tired of being constantly ignored,
Belittled and used by sh*t like you.