The Curse of The Phone


The screen is your life,
Social media tells you it’s amazing.
Likes and comments are vital
To your well being and self esteem.

Meanwhile the real world passes you by.
Real people with interesting stories,
Only useful for a good picture,
To show the rest of the world.

You connect most over the world wide web,
Not with the people sitting around you.
Learning life lessons from a screen,
Rather than by really living.

Deep emotions escape you,
Because you are to busy trying to keep up
With your fake online life
That everyone else must believe.

You die a little
Every time your phone battery does.
How will you live,
If no one can see your life?

Not For Me

Maybe it’s because you’re young,
Or because you’ve had an easy life.
You seem to be happy,
Just throwing away the days.
We only have a certain number here,
Before we have to return home.
I plan to spend them living,
Really living, the best I can.

Maybe it’s because I’ve struggled,
I know what the bottom feels like.
I’m not satisfied staying still,
And doing nothing anymore.
I want to be outside,
Learning about this new country.
So if I have to,
I will leave you behind.

Maybe we’re just not the same,
At different places in our lives.
We are friends,
If only for a short time.
I can’t stay with you anymore,
I must move on and spread my wings.
This life you lead,
It’s not really living,
Not for me.