Down But Not Out

It’s time to get off the ground
Because I’ve been beaten
But I’m not done yet.

It’s time to get back in this fight
Because I’m bruised
But I have not been broken.

You can try and kick me now,
But I will keep fighting
To rise above it all.
I will continue to fall at times,
But I will always get back up.
You cannot hold me back,
The world is waiting for me.

Moving On

I may be weird,
But I own it.
You may not like me,
But I don’t care,
Because I don’t hate you anymore
And you can’t make me either.
It’s always been my choice,
And at first I let you get to me.
But this will stop right now,
Because I’m better than that.
You are the poison,
That I am getting rid of.
You made me into,
Someone I didn’t want to be.
I can’t blame you for all of it,
I’m not completely innocent.
But I’m moving on now,
And you’re still stuck behind me.