Real Picture

Hidden Feelings Apple
Pushed around like dirt,
I went somewhere dark,
To a place no-one else could see,
Hidden deep behind my eyes.

A smile can tell you everything,
That you want to hear,
A million little lies,
All carefully concealing truth.

I kept my head down,
Went through the motions,
Of yet another blurred day,
To keep you all happy.

I never noticed it then,
How much i came to hate you,
For not seeing all my pain,
Through the clever lies.

Now I know it wasn’t your fault,
I made the picture believable,
And you wanted to believe it,
To not see the broken me.

It’s my own curse,
To not be able to show,
Exactly how dark things can get,
To always have to smile.

Beaten and bruised once more,
I’m still saying ‘I’m fine’,
And you still believe me,
And all my clever lies.

Someday I will learn,
Then you will see the real picture,
The one shattered into tiny pieces,
Broken but trying to stay whole.

Until that day I will smile,
And you’ll go on believing,
Because neither of us want to admit,
That I might not be ok.