The Truth

This is an old poem I wrote during High School. Thought I would share it as a reminder of what people can be hiding from the world.

I stay in my room,

So not to face reality.

I listen to music,

To block out the truth.

I hide away,

So to never stick out.

I’m never me,

So I don’t get hurt.

I blend in,

So I’m not alone.

I think in dreams,

Because it’s better than life.

You think I’m perfect,

When really I’m not,

I’m just good at hiding.

Born For What?

I was born to be something other than this,
I was born the warrior in the mist,
The girl always fighting,
But with a smile on her face.

I was not born to sit still and break no rules,
I was not born to simply fit in,
I have been different right from the start,
An outcast with a mission.

I was born with a voice and strength,
That you shall not ignore,
I will not fit in your constricting box,
For I am not meant for it.


This world is a battlefield
And every day is a new war.
I fight just to be heard,
To be allowed my opinion.
It’s a man’s world,
And I rage like those before me.
This war will never end,
As long as people breathe.
You will always feel that need
To prove you’re better than me.
And I will always be here
To prove you wrong.

We are meant to be equals,
But you enjoy making me feel small.