Wash Away The Sin

I’m the sin you can’t wash away,
No amount of holy water will help,
And every time I think of it,
I choke inside.


You want to be the saved Christian,
Born again as a renewed believer,
But then you look at your family,
And there I stand.


We’ve all made mistakes,
Those things we’re not proud of,
Would you go back and change it?
Try and erase it, if you could?


Now you see history repeat itself,
I’ve left that life behind me,
Just like you did back then,
Will I turn out like you?


There’s more of you in me,
Than you would really want to admit,
The more rebellious side,
You’re trying so hard to hide.


No matter how hard you pray for forgiveness,
Or the number of good acts you do,
They will never make up for this mistake,
I am the one you will never forget.


I know where I’ve been,
And what I’ve come through.
I also know I deserve better than you,
We all did.

So now I hope you remember,
All those words I said,
I tried to show you what you’ve done,
For all of us.

You can play dumb if you want,
Pretend you didn’t know the lies you told.
You broke my trust, but not my heart,
You never had it.

I know what I said to you in anger,
And you’re just another fly on my windshield,
You better learn the lessons I tried to teach you,
For the sake of all those you’ve hurt.

I know I don’t owe you anything,
But thankfully you admitted you were wrong,
So I can move on knowing,
I tried to help those who will be next.


I’m a strong person,
But not enough for this.

It’s hard when you feel,
Like someone’s sex toy,
Just there to fulfil a need,
There’s no feeling here.

And maybe I’ve worked it all up in my head,
But I can’t deny the black inside,
The creeping feeling consuming me,
Making me feel used.

It doesn’t matter if you can rhyme off lines,
Pretty little lies you tell yourself,
You still make me feel cheap,
And it’s time for this to stop.

I’m a strong person,
And I deserve better than this.

Stay Together

Hold your thoughts inside,
With your head up high,
You weren’t meant to break and crumble,
You are the rock others lean on.
Turning to you with their problems,
Seeking your advice,
They don’t expect you to cry,
You support them in times of need,
And they celebrate your high points.
No-one wants to see you break.
It could crush them all.

Best to stay well-put together,
So everyone else can fall apart.