Girl gone quiet.
Rooms full of half-forgotten faces,
Masks to hide the pain,
Who will she be today?

Eyes clouded and dark,
Staring over your head,
But boring into your soul.
Do you see her standing in front of you?

Doesn’t say a word.
Called pleasantly shy,
That unimpressed state of being,
Have you asked how she is?

Head always down,
Walk past the empty shells,
People, know their names.
Will they ever notice her?


So lately I’ve been going through a lot of changes what with moving house and starting a new job. So, obviously I wrote a poem about it, or rather quite a few. What came out of these poems overall, was the thoughts of the friends I would be leaving. This is one that I started thinking it would go in one direction and as I was writing it, it went in a completely different one; one that was actually more emotional and gushy than I had originally meant. When editing it, I could have easily re-worded it, to go back to the stand-offish overview that it kind of begins with, but I decided to keep the depth in it, as it makes it much more personal. So, please enjoy and, of course, tell me what you think. 🙂

Close-up of human hands clasped together in unity against white backdrop

Times are changing,

People leave,

Only this time it’s me.


This is not goodbye,

We didn’t talk that much,

Just to leave it all behind.


You know me so well,

Better than most others,

And I won’t forget that.


Friends aren’t easy to create,

Not least friends like you,

Chatting til all hours.


We three will stick together,

Like I never left,

I’ll make sure of that.


Because I need you,

More than I’ll ever admit,

And it’s kind of scary.


Change sometimes means loss,

But that won’t be the case here,

I refuse to give up on us.


They say great friends creep up on you,

Well, you certainly did,

And just when I needed it the most.


So you may never know how much it means,

To be able to call you a friend,

But I know I’ll always be here for you.