There’s a storm in the air,
And we’re stuck in this place.
You hide in your corner,
And I’ll walk in the rain.

Feel the drops on my skin,
The muggy air clinging to my t-shirt.
Lighting flashing before me,
I feel alive.

Watch the energy in the sky,
Hit the earth in bolts.
You shrink away from it,
The wonders of our world.

Some people learn to embrace it,
Learn from every storm.
While others try to run and hide,
But the storm will get you in the end.

It will seep through your skin,
Into your very bones.
The thunder will be your heartbeat,
Lighting showing you the way through.

Walk through this storm with me,
Take my hand.
You will be stronger at the end,
Take life from the storm.

It is only in the fiercest of storms,
That the brightest lights can shine.

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