Born with Rules

What could you have become,
If left to your own devices.

Before the world pressured you,
Everyone forcing you into a box.

You could have been majestic,
A strong, peaceful warrior.

But they had other ideas for you,
Restrictions you would never fit.

It was all their rules that broke you,
Forcing you to hide away in the dark.

They say they accept everyone as is,
But you were born into their circle,
And they pushed you out.


It’s an infinite loop.
That little ray of sunshine,
Is sadly dwindling.
There are no fairy tales,
In this forsaken life.


Forever to be lost,
Never going to be found.
The cheery face in the mirror,
Is nothing but a mask.
A game you believe.


 Missing what you never had.
Thrown away chances,
Like poems never read.
Eyes averted from the truth,
The story forever repeating.



It’s your time to shine,
This is your stage now.
You fought all their battles,
And now you can show them all,
You’re a better person than they’ll ever be.
Because you finally won,
Ignoring all their cries.
You enjoy this moment in the sun,
It was hard won.
But you did it all on your own.
Don’t look back at them,
They never really were your friends.
All they ever were was lessons you’ve learnt.
And now you’re really free,
To show the world what you can do.

Techno Silence

You’ve grown quiet,
A technological silence.
Did I say something wrong?
Too friendly, or not enough,
I never get the in-between.

Don’t know how I manage it,
But I always create a mess.
Better off on my own,
With only my own words to hurt me.
I didn’t mean to wound you.

Box myself in,
Push everyone away.
To be understood it seems,
Is not something I’ll ever achieve,
But it’s going to be ok.

Fragile Science

I’m not a China doll,
Covered in cracks.
Neither am I a scientific theory,
Waiting to be figured out.


The words you say,
Will not break me.
Stop trying to ‘understand’ me,
You’ll only mess up your own head.


I’m stronger than you realise,
At least give me credit for that.
I’ll never fit into those,
Ever conventional boxes.


Don’t create your own eggshells,
To walk around me on.
Apply your science to me,
And you’ll surely fail.


I’m only human,

But more than your fragile science.

Re-Written History

Forget who those people are,

Standing there claiming to want peace,

Forget the methods they used,

To get them to where they are today.

Paint a different picture of the past,

Show them I’m the bad side,

My colours are the ‘wrong’ sort,

And we’re the ones holding us all back.


You can re-write history all you want.

And expect us to give up our principles,

All in the name of peace.

The peace that they shattered,

With the bombs they created,

And used against us all.

They got what they wanted,

But it will never be enough.