This poem was inspired by the book ‘Purpose for the Pain‘ by Renee Yohe. If anyone has heard of the charity group To Write Love On Her Arms, the chances are you will have heard of her collection of journals. If you haven’t, please look them up, they are a fantastic charity organisation and they do some amazing work.

Reading the pain in those pages,
It was one of the hardest books I’ve read.
Because it was like looking in a mirror,
I could finally see who I was.
Like you could see my soul,
Even though you don’t even know my name.
You’ll never know my story,
But I feel like I lived yours,
In my own way.

My pain will never be yours,
But for a while, yours became mine.
I felt these people miles away from me,
Suddenly understood me.
They had been through it too,
These people who could hold their heads high.
I wanted to get to that stage,
To reach the light at the end of the tunnel.
Hope isn’t dead.

If it wasn’t for you all,
Going before me,
Trying to make the world,
A much better place,
I wouldn’t be so strong.
I’ve depended on you,
More than you will ever know.
I wear the t-shirt with pride,
Knowing that someone out there,
May need it as much as I did.

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