You don’t even know me that well,
I’m not sure you know me at all.
I’ve barely said anything to you,
And yet you act like there’s a connection.
You keep trying to push me,
To do things I don’t want to.
You don’t pick up the hints,
That if you keep pushing me,
You’ll only end up pushing me away.


I’m trying to talk with you,
But your mind has only one thought.
Are you even really interested at all?
Or are you just trying to fulfil a need?
Stop pretending you don’t notice when,
I change the topic to something normal.
Are you even listening to me now,
When I say its making me uncomfortable?


I hate to tell you I told you so but,
If this keeps going on I’ll have to,
Let you down.
Because as far as I can see,
You’re only out for one thing,
And even though I’ve tried to tell you
You’re pushing me further away.

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