Burn with the light that’s inside you,

Don’t let them put it out.

When you shine so bright,

There will always be people against you,

Don’t let them drag you under.


You were born to do great things,

The test of time has only made you stronger.

Now you must learn to believe in yourself,

Don’t let others tell you you’re nothing,

You’ll always shine brighter than they do.


It’s only now that you’re realising how much you missed.

You look back at my childhood,

And remember the little girl I used to be.

I know you wonder how I got to who I am now,

Because you weren’t there.


You breeze over those years,

Pretend they never happened.

I was fine:

The lie I fed you that you chose to believe.

You didn’t want to face the real problems.


You’ll never know how close you came,

To being a mother of two again.

And I’ll never tell you.

You chose not to see the darkness in me,

Because you never could understand it.


You’ve lost people to the dark before,

And you couldn’t face losing another.

But you did nothing.

It took over me and you let it,

Bad memories holding you back.


If I hadn’t been so strong,

You would be telling a different story,

Of the two people you had lost,

Because of our ‘selfishness’,

Haunting you forever.


You nearly lost me,

And now you want to make up for it,

But you will never be able to accept those years,

The depression gripping me, pulling me under,

And the guilt holding you back.

Joining Pink


Look around you and what do you see?

I see a sea of pink,

Different from the usual green and orange.

I see smiles and laughter,

Rather than the harsh glares.

I see one flag,

Instead of two.

I see hundreds of bicycles,

Not the odd pipe bomb.


I see people lining the route,

Not the riot police.

I see even the sheep are getting involved,

Instead of white they are pink.

I see a whole city working as one,

Rather than being in two sections.

I see tourists falling in love with the place,

Different from residents hating each other.

I see a new city,

Look at it and tell me what you did?

Sink Into A World of Music

Sink into a world of music

It’s safe, it’s noisy, it blocks out the world

The louder the better, the less you will hear

When the songs’ pounds become your heartbeat

Nothing can touch you

Because you have locked them out

You are inside your head, with music blaring

People ignoring you, aren’t there anymore.

The music swells within your brain

Your life becomes the song

With its highs, and lows, it’s a rollercoaster ride

Sing along; let them know they can’t hurt you!

Block them out with noise

They’ve blocked you out with coldness.


Music sings to the soul

It can fill your every limb

Nothing can go wrong.

There’s the beat of the drum, the beat of your heart

The vocals become the words you wish you could say

It’s a sound-filled world

Which is empty of human negativity

Lose yourself, in what they say

And find a new you in the song

For a while.

For a Friend

Struggling against a vast and strong current.

Being pushed under by the raging sea.

Fighting the torrent of waves crashing over me.

Floating, but only just, trying not to drown.

Alone, in a wide ocean of storms,

Hurricanes raging, no-one in sight.


But I’m not here for me, I’m here for you.

Though it’s difficult to see around me,

Through the storms and underlying currents,

I will get to you and hope to help.

Playing lifeguard for a while, to save,

You from what I have gone through myself.